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Welcome to Johnny's Girl boutique - a Midwest fashion and lifestyle shopping experience founded on the principle of women supporting women. My goal is to provide on-trend and approachable fashion for everyday life to help you feel great about yourself without breaking the bank. 

The idea for Johnny’s Girl Boutique came to me while cruising some of my favorite Midwest back roads. I was filled with memories of my grandfather John Trumble. He was one of my favorite people and has been one of the greatest inspirations in my life. He could tell a story like no other and on this particular drive one of the stories resonated with me.

My Grandfather grew up on a farm in Wisconsin Dells along the river and throughout high school, he worked as a riverboat pilot. River guides of the day commonly had black-and-white postcards of themselves made and sold them as souvenirs. He decided to start making the postcards for all of the pilots himself.

He married young. My grandparents quickly had 3 young children which eventually grew to a family of 8 - one boy and five girls! Grandpa was the sole provider for his family and the early years were lean. Pilot by day, photographer by night he struggled to make ends meet and with only $100 left in his bank account he had to do something! He told me he decided to give this “photography thing” one last shot. If it didn’t work, he would quit photography and find a different job to support his family. Then a new idea came to him!

During summers in the Dells, hundreds of Airstream motorhomes convened for a traveling convention and they parked in a field surrounded by beautiful trees. Grandpa took his last $100, purchased film, and a box of 8x10 black and white photography paper. He convinced a local pilot to fly with the passenger door removed while high in the sky and he photographed an aerial view of the caravan circled like a labyrinth. That night he processed and printed hundreds of 8 x10 images. The next morning, he took the photos and sold them out of the back of his station wagon to all of the Airstream owners at the convention. The people were in awe of the aerial photography. They had never seen anything like it before! 

That idea - his one last leap of faith - launched a prolific photography career. Just before Grandpa John’s passing, his lifetime of work was donated to the Wisconsin State Historical Society and is being archived for all to see.

Grandpa John my tribute to you is naming my vision, my leap of faith in your memory… “Johnny’s Girl Boutique.” A women-owned boutique that strives to bring you women-owned products at your convenience for an affordable price!