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Hey y'all! My name is Sophia and I am the owner of Johnnys Girl Boutique! Since I was a little girl I looked up to my mother & aunt who were/are both in the retail industry, I DREAMED of having my own boutique one day! I always had this “magic” number in mind of 25… (I used to think that was soo old LOL) Now here I am 27 years old & 2 years into being a boutique owner! Thanks to all of you for making my dream come true and allowing me to do what I love! 
Where are you from: Wisconsin Dells, WI! This small town will always have my heart!
Where is JG Located: JG all started in my 800 square foot apartment in Milwaukee, WI.. Winter of 2023 my heart was calling me back to my hometown of Wisconsin Dells, WI and I'm so happy to have JG in a town that has had so much influence in my love for small businesses! I personally pack all of your orders which makes it 1000000x more special to me when I receive your orders!
Who is Johnny: John Trumble is my beloved grandfather! We had an amazing relationship and I always inspire to dream big just like him! The name Johnny’s Girl comes from him having 6 amazing daughters! When I think about all the women he impacted during his life I always think “Johnny's girl” could be me, my grandmother, my mom, or my aunts! The name really resonates with so many of us!
How did you start your online boutique: To be honest I grew up in this industry… I’ve taken bits and pieces of every part of my experiences and used them to build my own “brand”! Also, my boutique boss mama has really shown me the ropes since the start and has given me amazing advice!